How does “traditional” become “tradigital?”

Digital marketing doesn’t have to mean that an ad campaign, or a PR campaign, or even the run-of-the-mill daily printing needs of retail needs to disappear. Just the opposite, in fact – tradigital marketing takes your message to a huge market, one that spans several platforms beyond the traditional TV, direct mail, billboards and print ads you’re used to utilizing.

It’s easy to imagine, isn’t it, how an illustrated ad or a billboard ad can be targeted to social media, or how a print message can be tweeted to thousands of viewers. But there are many other facets to digital advertising. As a starting point, think how digital platforms can help in your client’s daily business processes.

For example: Let’s say you’re helping your client to manage a traditional retail store chain. One of your tasks is to print thousands of promotional posters to be shipped to each store for display on a certain date. This is a huge amount of work: from initial concept and design, to printing, to shipping – and then crossing your fingers that each store follows the marketing team’s instructions and puts them in store on the target date (and doesn’t forget to pull all the old posters down). You can see how that process can take weeks.

Now imagine a scenario in which the store replaces traditional print posters with digital point of sale in the form of digital screens in their store window (picture a large screen with color-and-sound sales messages that repeat continually).

Yes, you’ll object, but the cost is higher; your client will object. And initially, that’s true, but think of the savings you and your client will see by managing and implementing new campaigns with the push of a button! Presto! Printing, labor, shipping, mounting worries gone! One file, shared to a multitude of outlets – and not just on the digital screens at the retail outlets, but also on smart phones, TVs, laptops, and tablets. You’ll see savings on an ongoing basis. Not to mention the bigger impact great screen content can have in attracting customers who would’ve walked right past a collage of posters.

When you do it right – and we at Tradigital Partners do — the communicated message ties in with your traditional marketing, so you benefit from the repeat impact, there are no mixed messages, and customers understand the correlation.

See how easily you went from traditional to tradigital? Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?