I heard that!

Here’s a really down-home story that illustrates how tradigital marketing works on its most basic level!

Our protagonist (you can call her the target market) is a well-known pedigree researcher in the Arabian Horse industry. She’s also an animal lover with a predilection for big, fluffy rabbits. Nature being what it is, she outlives one at a time her family of rabbits, at great sadness to her.

Last week, followers of her Facebook site learned of the death of one such floppy-eared friend, and of her plans to have him cremated along with one her dishtowels that he had particularly liked to play with.

Pretty soon, this post flashed onto the screen from her account: “Now for something scary. I was at the vet’s today discussing Bo’s cremation with a favorite dish towel. FB was open on my phone, which was in my pocket. When I took it out, my browser was on a Bing search for dish towels and cremation. Has anyone else had this happen to them???”

Of course we have. Tradigital marketing doing its thing! Determining the customer’s need, filling it, and tracking the results. After she was given a quick description of how it works, she wondered how to stop it. One response:

“I keep my phone turned off when I’m not specifically using it. Those smart devices listen continuously, and they keep records of what they hear. I can open my Alexa account on my Kindle and see a written record of everything “she” has picked up in my den! Don’t be surprised if you go on Facebook and see a bunch of ads for dish towels and cremation…”

Remember the caution, “Say it with flowers, say it with mink, but never, oh never, say it in ink?” Update that to “Say it and watch what happens!”