Just what you needed: another technical term you don’t understand.

Does this sound like your client? “Tradigital marketing? What the heck is tradigital marketing? Why are you throwing all these Millennial terms at me? I’m 50 years old and I’ve been in business for 20 years and I’m just trying to keep up!”

We’re here to help you help your client to do just that – keep up in an increasingly technical world. That’s why we’re suggesting a partnership.

This partnership is between You — the You that your client knows and is comfortable with: the traditional marketing professional who uses a combination of TV, direct mail, billboards, Yellow Pages, and newspaper ads to get across a repetitive message that keeps the client’s name in the public eye — and Us, the Us that works behind the scenes to take the marketing message to a whole new digital environment and simultaneously track its success.

Traditional + Digital: Tradigital. An unbeatable combination. And best of all, we don’t steal your thunder. We stay behind the scenes, using the campaign you design and the creative you design, and place them into a digital format that will reach the farthest corners of cyberspace (Now you’ve got a whole new outlet to add to your marketing plan. Let’s call it multi-channel content). And as part of this new outlet, we’ll analyze the data it generates and report back to you.

The existence of multi-channel content means your content is everywhere: Your desktop computer, your tablet, your phone, your television, your mailbox, the digital billboard you pass on your way to work … the list goes on. Love it or hate it, the truth is that it has diversified the consumer base and created niches where certain demographics prefer to visit for content.

A traditional campaign will only target a portion of these niches, just as a digital campaign will only target a portion. But in Tradigital marketing, your traditional marketing campaign exists on a multi-channel platform. As a result, you’ll begin to maximize consumer reach and interaction.

Consider these stats from Neilsen, Forbes, and the American Marketing Association:

  • The average primetime viewer is 57.
  • Roughly 45% of all ad-supported cable networks have viewers whose median age is 50 or higher
  • 37% of U.S. consumers today own tablets, laptops, and smartphones – that’s a 270% increase since 2010
  • 56% of TV & film viewing by Millennials age 14-24 is on computer. Older Millennials (24-30) consume 47% of their content on alternative devices.

Granted, TV is still the biggest player when it comes to ad dollars today. However, those younger demographics who have shied away from traditional marketing outlets are now being increasingly exposed to marketing on electronic devices. When your client uses Tradigital marketing methods, your sales message doesn’t have to change, nor does your budget. The only things that change are the platforms the message is viewed on and the ability to track where your client’s customers go and when they go there.

Your clients may clients believe that entering new marketing platforms will cost a lot of money. It can, if you don’t know what you’re doing. But the truth is that digital marketing channels have cheaper advertising cost per media (CPM) than their traditional marketing counterparts.

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