The secret of Tradigital is no big secret.

Content. Consistency. Continuity. Repeat.

That’s the secret of Tradigital marketing: the right message, presented with a consistent voice across a variety of media.

In other words, you need the best of traditional marketing – a message that gets attention by promising to fill a need – with a relentless, multimedia approach that guarantees recognition by busy users.

It’s a stubborn market out there, folks. People don’t have the time or patience to listen to lukewarm messages, and even the most powerful words have to be seen multiple times in order to have an impact. That’s why your poster or billboard or website needs to be backed up by technology that literally goes after the customer, makes him listen, and then tracks the result!

There, that last part got you, didn’t it? No other marketing trick is as good as digital marketing in being able to drop your ad right in front of the customer’s face, no matter where he goes, and then learn what he does about it.

The key to this “secret,” of course, is your content. It needs to be unique and up to date, a quality message. We start by placing it on a website that can adapt to every type of device, and place the key visuals and messages on the company’s social networks as well. A prospective customer who sees a poster and then checks your website on his mobile will expect to see at least as much information on that screen as on the printed piece, and will also look to find the details that may be missing on the paper ad.

Then comes the consistency with which we spread it – graphics, text, and sound – across media so that it pops up on the mobile phones, laptops, PCs and social sites of those we’ve targeted as our customer base. This is where the digital side of tradigital comes into play. Retargeting allows us to define a population based on specific criteria (demographics, location, interests) and serve specific ads to them even after they have left your website.

The continuity phase makes sure the message is seen enough times to register – no easy feat with traditional marketing. Like a good shampoo, we repeat, repeat, repeat.

It’s not exactly simple – it takes a certain skill – but it’s no big secret, either.