Traditional and Tradigital. Hand in glove.

This is important, so write it down:
Tradigital marketing is not here to replace traditional marketing.

We’re here to enhance it.

We’re here to take that great campaign you’ve designed for your client – those pow! graphics,  that hits-home copy — and spread its impact beyond the borders that have confined it.

Because it’s time to face the fact that traditional carriers of your ads – newspapers, billboards, direct mail, even TV – are losing ground to easier methods of getting information. Yes, we’re talking about digital: cell phones, iPads and Kindles, laptops.  Increasingly, consumers are turning to these devices for news, shopping, and social interaction. And where the consumers are is where you want to be.

So … we just take your great work and expand it. We create it in digital form so it appears on all those devices. Imagine those great graphics coming to life on a digital screen, that wonderful copy punched up with attention-getting music. It’s exactly what today’s audiences respond to.

And then, of course, we track it. So we know who responds, and how often, and whether there’s an ultimate buy.  And thus we build a customer list of proven buyers.  That’s what we call enhancement!